Joining Our Co-op

Marine Court is a well-cared for community of friendly people. We welcome people who are committed to sharing in our successful self-managed co-op.

Our co-op is currently accepting applications for 2 bedroom units.

Unit types and Housing Charges

Unit Information
Unit Size Monthly Housing Charge* Share Purchase*
1 bedroom $ 925 $1,000
2 bedroom $1,163 $1,500
3 bedroom $1,301 $2,000

* As of November 2023. Please note that shares are a one-time purchase to become a member of the co-op and must be paid before the move-in date. Shares will be refunded upon move-out.

Marine Court Co-op has a limited amount of rental assistance (subsidy) available to its members.  Currently, we are able to offer rental assistance to new members also.    

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