Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have pets?

Each unit can have up to two cats or dogs, subject to the Pet Policy. Read the pet policy here.

Are there laundry facilities in the unit?

No. There is a shared laundry facility in building one, with a well-run sign-up system.

Is there storage?

Each unit has a storage closet inside the unit and/or just outside the door. There is no other storage available at the co-op.

Are the units suitable for people with limited mobility?

Marine Court has two 1-bedroom units with accommodations for people with limited mobility (e.g. low counters, sliding bathroom door, shower handrails).  In addition, while the majority of our units have stairs either inside or out, there some 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units without stairs.

Can I have a parking space? Two parking spaces?

Each unit is allowed one parking space, if they have a vehicle. If you have a second vehicle, you can apply for a second parking space and will be assigned a second parking spot if one is available.

Can I have a 2-bedroom if I’m just one person?

No. Our policies for housing allocation use the following general guidelines:

  • 1 bedroom: 1 or 2 people
  • 2 bedroom: 2 to 4 people
  • 3 bedroom: 3 to 5 people

Can I smoke at Marine Court Co-op?

Marine Court has a smoke-free policy since 2012. Residents and visitors may not smoke anywhere in the co-op. (There is a grandfather clause allowing smokers who were living here prior to introduction of the policy to smoke in their units only.)

Do the units have dishwashers?

Dishwashers are not standard at Marine Court. If you wish, you can have a dishwasher installed, but must be ready to return the kitchen to its original condition if you move out.

What services are nearby?

Groceries, banks, hair salons, buses, coffee shops, schools and preschools, a library, and much more. See marpole online for a complete business finder and the City's page about Marpole for more information. 

What schools are nearby?

Marine Court is in the catchment areas for David Lloyd George Elementary and Magee Secondary. For French Immersion, the schools are Kerrisdale Elementary and Churchill Secondary.

I’ve applied to the co-op – what happens now?

  1. The membership committee screens the written applications to choose applicants who best fit our need for members
  2. When a unit is scheduled to become vacant, we will show the unit to our screened applicants
  3. If the applicants are interested in the unit, they are interviewed by the Membership committee and then by the Finance committee.
  4. Membership and Finance committees decide on the best candidates for the unit, who are then approved by the Board of Directors.
  5. Applicants undergo a credit check and reference check.
  6. Successful applicants are informed of our decision at least one month before the move-in date.

Are members required to participate in the co-op?

Yes! Our policy lays out the following participation requirements:

  • Members will attend monthly general meetings.
  • Members and adult residents will work an average of 6 hours per month on a committee or perform specific tasks.
  • Members and adult residents will participate in the Spring and Fall Clean-up Weekends.
  • Members will serve on the Board of Directors for at least one one-year term, and from time to time as the member’s, residence in the co-op continues.
  • Members will complete the laundry/common room cleaning duties assigned for a one-week period, usually once per year.
  • All residents are responsible for keeping themselves informed about co-op business, including all meetings, work parties, rules and policies, and the content of the Occupancy Agreement.

I applied to your co-op in the past and never heard anything. Is my application still on file?

We do not necessarily keep applications beyond one year. If you have not heard anything from us in over a year, you could reapply. However, it may be that we you haven't heard from us because your application did not pass our initial screening because of lack of volunteer experience.